Friday, 7 October 2011

New additions to the family

Well first thing first,so sorry havent blogged in ages but have been busy with my new additions to the family.We got the big girls at easter and been adding the smaller ones here and there.After I stopped making cards(well put it on hold) and the price of wool has got to a stupid price so cant knit or crochet as much as I liked we were wondering ......and wondering.......and then along came the girls lol.

They are very sweet natured and keep the whole family amused,the grey looking ones are Bluebelles which is a hybrid breed and their names are Tikka,Nando and Kentucky.Then the big white and black ones are a old english breed called Light Sussex and their names are Mayo and Nugget.
They all lay eggs and they are very very tasty with bright yellow yolks and very large,at the moment egg laying has slowed down as nights are drawing in and I think they are starting to moult.

Then a couple of months ago a neighbour gave us their old hen house and run........well it sat there empty for nearly a week before Tony suggested we got some smaller chickens so I had to agree.So we came home with a Black Pekin bantam called BBQ and she is the sweetest ,little thing and loves being picked up and fussed and after a week started laying small little eggs which are also very yummy,and also we got Paxo which was meant to be a Mille Fleur but we think is a bitsa (bits of this and bits of that) and also we think she might be a he so hope she isnt as we will have to get rid of her as not allowed cockerels in built up area.

Then Taylor got herself a few days work at the racecourse and with her wages she bought herself Korma who is a tiny tiny tiny little Frizzle,she is about 17/18 weeks old and looks like she been electrified and all her feathers have curled.lolIts the funniest looking little thing but is also very tame and follows Taylor everywhere when we let them run around.

Well I hope you dont mind hearing all about my chickens instead of seeing the cards I have made or scarf I have knitted but for a while it will be more piccys of my chickens and the funny,daft things they do that make them so entertaining.Have a great weekend everyone.

Karen x x x x

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

More different kinds of wool

So heres another different type of wool,this is like the can-can wool that they had on create and craft shopping channel,this wool is bloomin expenzive but its sooooooo beautiful.
Loved the colour combinations of this wool so different....I also have made two smaller scarfs in different shades of purple with this wool .
I will have to take piccys later and add,so this was my first attempt at knitting for a long long time and was very pleased with the result,the nature of this wool means that when your knitting with it each stitch doesnt have to be the same size as the one before like with normal wool/yarn as this gives it more character and makes the ruffle effect better.
I know! I know! havent blogged in months and now two in 10 mins lol
Everyone have a great day
Karen x x x x

Knitting with pom pom wool

This wool feels like velvet.It looks like little sausages on a string when you first unravel the ball but its so easy to knit with.This is the pattern on the ball of wool and it makes a very genorous sized scarf.
Loved knitting with this different wool makes it a lot more interesting to do,so guess what everyones getting for christmas this year lol.
Hope you like
Karen x x x x

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pretty girly blanket

Good afternoon everyone,well its a bit of a grey,wet,windy day here in Berkshire but at least its not snowing like it is else where in the country.
I finished my pretty girly blanket 5 mins ago and wanted to show you all it.I got the pattern off line from a freebie place(cant remember which one so many out there)I used a pretty wool that changes colour every so often,I used 4 balls of wool to make this so its rather large perfect for in the pram .I love the pretty edge to this blanket, this is the first time I have done this pattern so very happy with it.Just got to find someone having a baby that wants to buy it off me.LOL
Have a great day whatever your doing.
Karen x x x

Monday, 10 January 2011

A challenge card

Good morning,I know I know two posts in the same day I shock myself sometimes lol
Heres a card I made for the cricutolics forum (link is in my side bar go have a look)We had to use a heart and ribbon.I used the heart card cut out on hello kitty cart.The image is from a QVC tsv from Kanban so cute a little handbag full of stamps :),the sentiment is the same set as well.The paper was from DCWV christmas stack but it is a gorgeous red so had to use it.Oh and I coloured the image using my promarkers the first time they have been used this year yyaayyy.If your looking for the ribbon on this card well.....I didnt have any the right colour so didnt put any on.Hope you like.
Karen x x x

Crocheting bits and pieces

Hi everyone,well heres a few bits I have been making over the christmas period,I love making baby blankets,not that I have any babys anymore :( and the little hats take 5 minutes to make.I am half way through making a girlie coloured blanket at the moment so will post it when finished.If anyone wants me to make any blankets I would love to just need you to supply the wool or the money for the wool and I am quite willing to crotchet till my hearts content.
Karen x x x

Friday, 7 January 2011

Good Morning everyone,
Wow I cant beleive I havent posted since September what have I been doing????Nothing that special just the boring everyday things.....decorating the lounge,prepering for christmas,buying a new PC as my last one decided to get a virus and not let me get on it anymore,so Im waiting for PC world to come out and look at it as it finally paid off to get a insurance on something :)

I have been crotching mainly as it is sooooooo cold down in the shed that my cricut etc are sat on a table in my bedroom and there isnt that much room to bring everything up from the shed,so whenever I startt to make a card I realise I need something else from the shed (arrgghhhh)so my creating mojo has gone on strike lol.

Im really looking into getting MTC now my darling partner Tony bought me a laptop for xmas x x x love you darling x x x x so I can have my laptop right next to me when I finally start making cards again and not in another room like it is with the PC.
Ok so thats enough of me babbling on and on I have got to go check up on everyones blogs and great creations so everyone have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope it brings you all the luck and crafting goodies you want
Karen x x x x

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Blog candy

This is the link to enter in this blog candy give away,arent they so cute love love love them.This giveaway is open until the 30th September so hurry pop over to Paper,Ink,Colour and enter the giveaway.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New Lilyboo Halloween images.

Ooooooooo arent they just the cutest halloween characters you have seen. :) These cute images are from just click on Lilyboo and these great little images pop up here .
I used my cricut machine to add the little details like the spider and bats.and the greetings.
So pop over to Cuddly Buddly and get these cute little images for only 99p each and make some spooooktacular creations lol.
Hope you like
Karen x x x x