Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Knitting with pom pom wool

This wool feels like velvet.It looks like little sausages on a string when you first unravel the ball but its so easy to knit with.This is the pattern on the ball of wool and it makes a very genorous sized scarf.
Loved knitting with this different wool makes it a lot more interesting to do,so guess what everyones getting for christmas this year lol.
Hope you like
Karen x x x x


  1. how much wool did it take to achieve this scarf

  2. This scarf took one ball of the pom pom wool,I dont know if it comes in 150g or 200g balls but it was only one ball of it.Hope this helps.
    Karen x x x

  3. I used two balls of it for the scarf I made, but it could be a different size, brand, all that.

  4. Cute scarf- but do not see any of the directions for the pattern...?