Friday, 7 January 2011

Good Morning everyone,
Wow I cant beleive I havent posted since September what have I been doing????Nothing that special just the boring everyday things.....decorating the lounge,prepering for christmas,buying a new PC as my last one decided to get a virus and not let me get on it anymore,so Im waiting for PC world to come out and look at it as it finally paid off to get a insurance on something :)

I have been crotching mainly as it is sooooooo cold down in the shed that my cricut etc are sat on a table in my bedroom and there isnt that much room to bring everything up from the shed,so whenever I startt to make a card I realise I need something else from the shed (arrgghhhh)so my creating mojo has gone on strike lol.

Im really looking into getting MTC now my darling partner Tony bought me a laptop for xmas x x x love you darling x x x x so I can have my laptop right next to me when I finally start making cards again and not in another room like it is with the PC.
Ok so thats enough of me babbling on and on I have got to go check up on everyones blogs and great creations so everyone have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope it brings you all the luck and crafting goodies you want
Karen x x x x

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