Tuesday, 15 March 2011

More different kinds of wool

So heres another different type of wool,this is like the can-can wool that they had on create and craft shopping channel,this wool is bloomin expenzive but its sooooooo beautiful.
Loved the colour combinations of this wool so different....I also have made two smaller scarfs in different shades of purple with this wool .
I will have to take piccys later and add,so this was my first attempt at knitting for a long long time and was very pleased with the result,the nature of this wool means that when your knitting with it each stitch doesnt have to be the same size as the one before like with normal wool/yarn as this gives it more character and makes the ruffle effect better.
I know! I know! havent blogged in months and now two in 10 mins lol
Everyone have a great day
Karen x x x x

Knitting with pom pom wool

This wool feels like velvet.It looks like little sausages on a string when you first unravel the ball but its so easy to knit with.This is the pattern on the ball of wool and it makes a very genorous sized scarf.
Loved knitting with this different wool makes it a lot more interesting to do,so guess what everyones getting for christmas this year lol.
Hope you like
Karen x x x x